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Welcome to Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology Library and Information Center

Open Hours

★The close time of the second semester of the 108academic year(2019.02.25-2019.06.30):
2019/02/28-03/03 (Thu-Sun) 和平紀念日
2019/04/03-04/07 (Wen-Sun) 兒童節.民族掃墓節
2019/06/07-06/09 (Fri-Sun) 端午節

If there are other closed time will be announced.

★  Open Hours: 
Sat-Sun,10:00 ~ 18:00

★  K-Zone Open Hours:
Sun-Sat,00:00 ~ 24:00

★  Multimedia Area(5F) Open hours:
Mon-Fri  10:00 ~ 19:00